These are challenging times and we are maintaining a safe and sanitized environment to meet your health care needs.  Below are some suggestions on how we can help.  This is followed by information on staying healthy.

There are several ways that our office can help you at this time:

   - Emergency care of ANY musculoskeletal injury or condition.  As chiropractors we are thoroughly trained to triage, diagnose (including X-ray on premises) and conservatively treat many musculoskeletal injures.  If you have injured any joint or muscle in your body (spine, knee, shoulder, elbow, etc.) and want to be evaluated please consider our office.  This may prevent a visit to urgent care or hospital ER.
    - Ongoing care of our current and new patients who are in pain and spasm.
    - Care and education regarding your body's immune system.  How your body responds to the Covid-19 virus depends on the strength of your immune system  We are educating our patients as to how to keep their resistance strong including the proper and interference-free functioning of their nervous system and immune system.  Did you know that's what chiropractors do?  

I thought I would share with you some information re the Covid-19 pandemic.  Because this virus is similar to other viruses that have gone through our population in years past and because we are able to study its progress in China, Italy and the US we have an understanding of how it affects our body.  This virus is a corona virus which has been well-studied  It is not like an Ebola virus that kills most regardless of their health status.  Rather it is more like a common cold virus.  As with all germs that invade our body on a daily basis your immune system is designed to attack and neutralize Covid-19 once it has been exposed.  The level of signs and symptoms you experience will fall into one of three groups:

                No symptoms:  As with many bacterial and viral threats if your immune system is strong it will be up to the task of identifying the invader, responding with the proper white blood cells and destroying the germ.  This happens moment by moment everyday of your life.  Like many other body mechanisms you have no idea this is occurring.

                Mild to moderate respiratory symptoms:  Sometimes the bacterial or viral load is large enough or our immune system is less than prepared and the germ gets a foothold, often in our respiratory tract.  Temporarily over whelmed, our immune system now has to marshal other forces and processes to catch up and regain control.  During that time we have the symptoms we associate with the cold or flu such as coughing, sneezing, fever, runny noses, fatigue, etc.  And some of these symptoms are ways your body is ridding itself of the germ, that is, your body functioning normally.

                Severe symptoms:  In the case of Covid-19, in a small percentage of the patients, the immune system is not sufficient to the task and struggles greatly to fight off the invader.  Either because their immune response is inappropriate or because the viral load is too great, these patients are in a fight for their lives.  Weakness of the immune response could be due to normal aging, compromise by some immunodeficiency disease or due to repair mechanisms already being strained by other underlying illnesses (such as the comorbidities seen in 99.4% of patients in this group), This happens with many viral or bacterial infections usually in rare circumstances.

The important aspect in the above three scenarios is your immune system.  Which of the three categories you fall into will depend on the strength of your immune system.  The virus is the same; it is the condition of the host that is the variable.  Thus it is extremely important to pay attention to those factors which influence the health of this most important system.  These factors include nutrition, exercise, rest, lowering stress and optimization of your nervous system which controls every other system in your body.  It is important at this time for you to be the healthiest version of yourself!

Contact us today and make an appointment to have your health status evaluated and to make certain your body's defense systems are working optimally.


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